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"Last night my Xshears cut though motocross boots and pads like butter!! Everyone was impressed!" Kylee W., EMT-P

"Great, solidly built tool. Cuts far better than my Leatherman Raptor for about 2/3 the price. Best trauma shear out there."  -Andrew B., RN

"I am a 10 year veteran emt on a 911 based ambulance and I have been carrying the black titanium shears for almost a year now. I have used them countless time to cut jeans and shirts and they preform flawlessly. However, the other day on a call I had to cut through a thick leather work boot and let me say they cut like a hot knife through butter. I will never buy another brand of shears. Y'alls shears should be a standard on the industry." - Jason P., EMT

"I was blown away by the performance of my xShears.  They cut quickly and effortlessly through denim, leather, and light shirts that would've slowed standard cheap shears to a crawl.  From the base to the tip of the blades, the steel made quick work of everything I need to cut. You have made a product of obscenely high quality.  My partner and my supervisor (both on scene) both borrowed and loved the xShears. Thank you for making such a high quality piece of equipment that I plan on carrying with me for years to come." -Bradley A, EMT  

"These are the best trauma shears I've owned. Very well made at an affordable price. Love the rounded nose for safety and heavy duty blades. I will be using them every day at work, as an ER nurse (if they don't get "borrowed" ) . A great idea for gifts also! Thank you! I've been waiting for a pair like this." - Amazon.com Customer  

"Just received a pair of these from a friend. In comparison to the Leatherman Trauma Shears I currently own, the xShear is superior in every way. I feels like it was made for my hand. It feels sturdy and can cut smoothly through the clothes I have tested it on. Overall a must have for the EMS profession from the streets to the Emergency Department." -Amazon.com Customer   

"I have been an ER nurse for 10 years. These are the best shears I have ever used. They cut through denim quickly and easily. They never got hung up on the fabric nor did I have to use any excessive force to get them to cut. I'm confident these shears could cut through just about anything!" -Jennifer L., RN  

"This was a brilliant design. Very durable and reliable, even in the most rugged environment. I have had no issues at all with cutting any material put to the test. This shear is must thicker and stronger than your typical set of shears. Good job on this design. I am looking forward to more ideas from this company." -Joseph B., EMT-P  

"these trauma sheers are the best i have ever utilized. i have used many ranging from regular store bought to North American rescue shears. This X Shear leaves them all in the dust." -John C.

"Absolutely the best shears I've had. They are very sharp and cut through anything. Very smooth with a comfortable handle Well worth the money. Thanks you -Amazon.com Customer

"Simply AMAZING! I work as an ER nurse & Paramedic and utilize them all the time. Solid and Precisely made." -Amazon.com Customer